Get  Fired Up can help you raise money for your group. You choose a three hour block of time during business hours, the date and time is your choice. When checking out the individuals must state that they are painting for your group. We will donate 25% of all money received (excluding tax) The check will be cut to you the next business day.  If you would prefer to have your group paint after hours we will gladly open the studio for you, we will donate 20% of money received (again excluding tax) to your group.

Option One:
Your organization chooses a date to have their fund raiser. Get Fired Up allots you a three hour block of time. You promote your fund raiser to family and friends. The day of the event, Get Fired Up will donate 25% of all money brought in, before taxes to your organization.
Option Two:
Our helpful staff will assist your group to
create a one of a kind piece of art for your group to auction at your fund raising event.
Option Three:
Parent Teacher Groups. Get Fired Up will assist in creating colorful handprint tiles to make a mural for a wall in your school. The tiles are sold to you at a discounted price. The PTG charges the parents who want their child’s handprints included in the memory wall, a fee per tile.
Option Four:
Canvas Painting. We charge 25 per canvas you ask for any amount above that and the difference goes to your charity
You must advise us in advance of your desire to have us help you raise funds.  Please do not ask us to honor coupons or gift certificate amounts for fund raising events.