Many services include a physical representation of unity.
The Candle and Sand Ceremonies are typical examples.
Reflections of Forever takes this type of ceremony a few steps further, using bits of colored glass as the medium.

As the Bride and Groom

pour their respective

colors together, the bits of glass,

while retaining their

individual beauty,

become virtually impossible to separate.

These bits of glass will be placed on a foundation

 symbolizing the love and support of

family and friends,

and will then be fused together into a

beautiful, functional piece of art you will

cherish forever.

Votive Holder Made with opal white glass and red cathedral glass

Blue and green glass on Square, black and White on round ruffled bowl and orange and blue on round smooth, with names and date (extra charge)

Kit Includes : colored glass, vessels for pouring and receptacle, the base foundation, glass fusion and the slumping procedure to make it into a bowl, votive holder or dish.

10” Round  $210.00

10” Square $200.00

8” Round  $180.00

8” Square $170.00

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